Kuźnia Glinik Limited Liability Company, a company registered under KRS No. 0000072570 of the National Court Register maintained by the 12th Economic Department of the District Court for Kraków-Centre in Kraków.

  • Share capital: 16,596,500 zloty
  • REGON : 490401498
  • NIP: 738-00-08-594

Bank Accounts

  • Bank Pekao SA account number: 08 1240 4748 1111 0000 4877 1850
  • Raiffeisen Bank account number: 26 1750 1035 0000 0000 1388 9465

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ul Tysiąclecia 101
40-875 Katowice, Poland

PGO S.A. Kuźnia Glinik Oddział w Gorlicach
ul. Chopina 33A
38-320 Gorlice, Poland

KRS: 0000305325,
Regon: 590722383,
VAT UE: PL7712374309

Phone +48 18 35 49 500
Fax +48 18 35 49 504
e-mail: kuzniaglinik@pgosa.pl

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