Glinik Forge Ltd (Kuźnia Glinik Sp. z o.o.) is one the oldest forges in Poland. A unique combination of decades of experience, modern management and technological development puts it at the forefront of the best forges in the country. Since 2013 Kuźnia Glinik has been part of PGO S.A.

Rich practice – our historical transformation from a small workshop to a modern production plant has enabled us to combine traditional forms of operations with the latest technologies and management practices. This modern approach using a combination of best in class as well as historically proven methods enables us to provide consistent, high quality materials in efficient ways providing value to our customers and partners. Our open and closed die forgings are manufactured to global and industry specific norms and standards.

Our production activities are not limited solely to the production of forgings. We also provide heat treatment and machining operations that supply ready to use components. We supply into automotive, mining, energy and steel industries as well industrial fixtures in may other industries. Our products are based on high quality raw materials, which include carbon steel, alloy steel, high-alloy steel and non-ferrous metals.

A constant focus on continuous improvement in product quality standards and production efficiency, safety and the environment using progressive tools such as employee involvement, lean and six sigma enables us to maintain a competitive advantage and provide enhanced value to our customers. Over the last several years we have invested heavily in modern machinery, expanded our expertise in the field of metallurgy as well as mechanical processing and plastic forming of metals. These improvement efforts have been validated by a number of certificates and customer awards that send a clear message to our Customers and Business Partners confirming the quality of our products and services.

Our clear corporate mission and a challenging vision stimulate our team to strenuous efforts and our commitment to a set of cherished values provides a consistent baseline for individual and team behaviour. We give credit and recognize our employees and teams for each step toward achievement of our goals. We believe that employee involvement in the direction of the company’s development as well as shared responsibility for successes and failures unites us all.

We look forward to doing business with you.


ul Tysiąclecia 101
40-875 Katowice, Poland

PGO S.A. Kuźnia Glinik Oddział w Gorlicach
ul. Chopina 33A
38-320 Gorlice, Poland

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