In November, the Bone Marrow Donor Day was organised together with the DKMS Foundation at the “Śrem” Iron Foundry, the “Glinik” Forge and the headquarters of the PGO Group. This Foundation supports blood cancer patients.

During the campaign, the employees had an opportunity to become familiar with the details, join the programme or simply talk to volunteers. As a result of the event organised on the premises of the PGO companies, the DKMS database gained another 45 participants!

We would like to thank all of our volunteers: Karolina Kniec- Stańczyk, Edyta Haluch, Ewelina Neska, Karolina Dominiczak-Goc, Kasia Wujek, Gosia Wojciechowska-Mieloch, Karolina Buczyńska and Kasia Siwiec, who were successfully encouraging others to join the campaign.



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