Intelligent development of Pioma – Foundry

With satisfaction we wish to inform, that Pioma – the Foundry was nominated for the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2017, a distinction granted Polish educational establishments, institutions and companies using research – developmental area in conducting one’s activity. The innovative potential associated with e.g. the installation of the secondary metallurgical line was appreciated. The project that is currently underway is part of the implementation of the recently adopted ,,PGO Strategy for 2017- 2020’’. This activity is co-financed by the European Union under the Operational Program Intelligent Development, carried out by the National Center for Research and Development.
Thanks to this installation, Pioma – Foundry will increase its competitiveness in the production of castings used in extreme conditions – at very high and low temperatures, under difficult pressure conditions, in other invasive work environments. The implemented undertaking is a reply to growing market expectations. Thanks to it Pioma-Odlewnia advances to the lead of foundries using unique production technologies.


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