PGO Good Speed Sailing Team – the Polish Sailing Champion, ORC Gdańsk 2017

On the Polish coast ended a remarkable event electrifying the entire sailing community – the Polish Championships and the European Championships in the ORC class. PGO-sponsored Good Speed Sailing Team that won once again the sailing championship of Poland. Our team proved to be the best among the teams that took part at the start of the competition in the „Granary Morskie Polish Sailing Championships Gdansk 2017” taking place from 21 to 23 July on the waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk. We congratulate and keep our fingers crossed for the success of „Dr Irena Eris ORC European Championship Gdansk 2017”, which takes place for the first time in Poland. The Gulf of Gdańsk area was the scene of the struggle of about 1,000 European sailors from all over Europe.

Meet our crew:


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