The final of the “Shaping, Painting” competition

In accordance with tradition, the results of the “Shaping, Painting” art competition were presented in November. The competition was organised for the children of the employees working for the PGO group companies. The award ceremony with numerous attractions was held in December, during the Christmas season.

Our young artists showed incredible imagination when they were presenting all those remarkable devices, machines, vehicles and structures which consisted of castings and forgings made by their parents. The little artists were allowed to make a drawing, a graphic or another spatial form without any limitations regarding the ways of expression. Ships made of pasta, an underground train made of sand, a dam made of cling film or tanks made of bottle caps are the best examples of the unlimited creativity of the youngest members of the PGO family, which did not make it easy for the jury to choose the best works.

Organised by every PGO company individually, the award ceremonies were accompanied by fun and games contrived for the young artists. Visiting the Pioma Foundry, decorating the Christmas trees at the Glinik Foundry, making Christmas baubles and chains at the Śrem Iron Foundry and plaster castings during the workshop in the Museum of Artistic Foundry in Gliwice, learning about the history of the artistic foundry – these were only some of the attractions organised for the children from PGO that accompanied the award ceremony.

Once again, we would like to congratulate all the contestants of the “Shaping, Painting” competition. We are extremely pleased that year after year we receive more and more entries. We hope that this tendency will continue and that the artistic level of works will be as high as it has been to date.

We encourage you to view the small photo gallery.


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