Kuźnia Glinik Sp. z o.o. produces  closed die forgings, open-die and half open-die forgings, and also designs and manufactures forging tools for their production.

We supply to customers operating in the mining, energy, railway, petrochemical, shipbuilding and marine industries, as well as agricultural machinery, automotive and transportation, construction and other sectors of the economy.

We also provide services for heat treatment, machining, shot-blasting, bending and mechanical and non-destructive testing.

Kuźnia Glinik offers

  • closed die forgings weighing from 0,2 to 150 kg
  • half open-die forgings weighing up to 8000 kg
  • open-die forgings weighing up to 8000kg

The forgings we offer are made using the following materials:

  • carbon steel
  • alloy steel
  • high-alloy steel
  • non-ferrous metals

The materials used for the production of forgings are supplied by Polish and European manufacturers which have ISO certificates and are recognized by the relevant classification societies.

We supply forgings:

  • rough
  • heat treated
  • mechanically processed

Example testing capabilities:

  • tests of mechanical properties
  • ultrasonic tests
  • metallographic tests
  • magnetic powder and penetration tests


ul Tysiąclecia 101
40-875 Katowice, Poland

PGO S.A. Kuźnia Glinik Oddział w Gorlicach
ul. Chopina 33A
38-320 Gorlice, Poland

KRS: 0000305325,
Regon: 590722383,
VAT UE: PL7712374309

Phone +48 18 35 49 500
Fax +48 18 35 49 504
e-mail: kuzniaglinik@pgosa.pl

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