2012-02-07_12-31-35-528051Kuźnia Glinik Sp. z o.o. offers the following types of heat treatment services

  • normalization
  • hardening
  • softening
  • annealing
  • supersaturation
  • isothermal annealing

At the client’s request

  • we issue a quality certificate,

We perform non-destructive tests

  • using a magnetic defectoscope,
  • using ultrasound analysis in accordance with the following standards: SEP-1920, SEP-1921, BN-86/0601-09, PN-EN 10228-3 and others, according to the client’s request,
  • analyses
  • checking chemical composition using the spectral method,
  • spark test on steel

testing mechanical properties

  • fracture tests,
  • Jominy hardenability test, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 642,
  • Static stretching, in accordance with PN-EN-10002-1 + AC1,
  • Charpy impact testing (at room temperature and temperatures to -60°C), in accordance with PN-EN-10045-1,
  • the Brinell hardness test method, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6506-1,
  • the Rockwell hardness test method, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6508-1,

metallographic microscope testing

  • banding level, in accordance with PN-63/H-04504,
  • grain size, in accordance with PN-EN ISO 643,
  • former austenite grain size, in accordance with PN-84/H-04507/02.

macroscopic metallographic testing

  • macrostructures, in accordance with PN-57/H-04501.


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